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Everyday Life and Celebrations

This part of the collection revolves around everyday life and celebrations as seen across the different decades. It focuses on movies documenting family life and raising children. These moving family portraits sometimes also include neighbors and friends. Other subjects that were filmed include annual festivities (St. Nickolas, Christmas, Carnival, Easter), personal celebrations, s o-called milestones (baptism, the first day of school, weddings), and village rituals (religious processions, the local firefighter’s ball). As to documenting everyday life, this was limited to only a few activities: small children playing, doing things in the garden, and playing games together. Aside from cooking, housework was rarely filmed.

Erstkommunion, Waldviertel, 1970er-Jahre
Kaffeejause, Weinviertel, 1980er-Jahre
Geburtstagsfeier, Weinviertel, 1970er-Jahre